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"The Liberty Amendments", written by scholar and talk-show host Mark Levin, spawned a movement to amend the Constitution without the cooperation of Congress. At the same time, it brought to the surface a myriad of COS issues making it clear that the process will not be simple and straightforward.

We started this site simply to promote and track "The Liberty Amendments" movement. Now we are in the process of revising the site to reflect some of the other complex issues it has unearthed.

Watch as new aspects of the movement unfold.

Your comments, suggestions and offers to help with this project are welcome at:

Some Outcomes of the
Preliminary Assembly in Indianapolis
Comments from Sen. Long and others

        The preliminary assembly in Indianapolis was a very successful first step in the effort to eventually put together a convention of the states to amend to U.S. constitution. No actual amendments were considered this week. Instead, lawmakers focused on the procedures needed to hold an amendment convention in the future. Indiana State Senator David long
        There will likely be a meeting toward the end of the year to finalize the rules and procedures of a possible constitutional convention; the exact date and place have not been set — Georgia was mentioned as a possible meeting place. One thing the assembly did accomplish was determining that states will each receive one vote – just as they did at original U.S. constitutional convention in 1787. It was fascinating to watch each state vote like this for the first time in 200 years.     Click here to read the full article ...           8/3

Col. Allen West Endorses
Convention of States Project
The latest conservative thought leader to
endorse the Article V of Constitution provision

        “The US Constitution was written placing restraints upon the federal government. Today, the federal government is growing beyond all bounds ever imagined by the founders. This is something I clearly experienced being a Member of the 112th Congress. However, the founding fathers realized this could be an issue in the future and enabled States the power to restrain and put the federal government back in the Constitutional box,” he said. Photo of Col. Allen West
        “Thank goodness the founders had the wisdom to provide us with Article V of the Constitution, which gives us the right and power to hold an Amending Convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to restrain the scope and power of the federal government. When you look at the fiscal irresponsibility of the federal government a proposal for a federal balanced budget amendment is ideal to be taken up by the States' legislatures, as many sovereign States have balanced budget amendments. Under the system of federalism, I support the efforts to gather a constitutional Convention of States consistent with Article V and honoring the 10th Amendment.”     more ...           -5/14-


George Will wants to Amend the
Constitution to control federal spending.

        He proposes a constitutional convention carefully called under Article V to enact a balanced-budget amendment written precisely enough to preclude evasion by the political class.
        the compact’s amendment would stipulate: Total federal government outlays shall not exceed receipts unless the excess of outlays is financed exclusively by debt, which initially shall be authorized to be 105 percent of outstanding debt on the date the amendment is ratified. Congress may increase the authorized debt only if a majority of state Graphic of George Will legislatures approve an unconditional, single-subject measure proposing the amount of such increase. Whenever outstanding debt exceeds 98 percent of the set limit, the president shall designate for impoundment specific expenditures sufficient to keep debt below the authorized level. The impoundment shall occur in 30 days unless Congress designates an alternative impoundment of the same or greater amount. Any bill for a new or increased general revenue tax shall require a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress — except for a bill that reduces or eliminates an existing tax exemption, deduction or credit, or that “provides for a new end-user sales tax which would completely replace every existing income tax levied by” the U.S. government.
        The compact would closely confine a convention: State legislatures can form a compact — a cooperative agreement — to call a convention for the codified, one-item agenda of ratifying the balanced-budget amendment precisely stipulated in advance.     more ...           -5/7-

WORDS MATTER It's NOT a Constitutional Convention!        Article V of the Constitution says "The Congress ... on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments ...". There is no mention a "Constitutional Convention" Thr Power of Words graphic
        Opposition movements with an 'agenda' use the words. "Constitutional Convention" when speaking of a "Convention of States" or a "Convention for proposing Amendments". It is an attempt scare people into thinking the Article V Movement can throw-out or re-write our Constitution. Article 5 News logo
        The other term they use is "Con-Con". This one is obviously loaded with negative connotations as in pro and con; convict; con-man; con-game etc. Words have meaning and words are powerful. Call a Convention of States by what it really is and correct others who are attaching a negative label to it. It just might stick - and that will be hard to reverse. 4/11

A Vermont Senator says:
"The Convention of States resolution
is an attack on free speech"
I agree ... but it's not the Resolution for
smaller government etc.
        On March 20 the Vermont Senate voted in favor of an Article V convention of states to overturn Citizens United, the landmark 2010 Supreme Court decision that affirmed the First Amendment right of corporations and other groups including labor unions to spend money on political campaigns.Photo of Sen. Joe Benning
        In an interview with Vermont Watchdog, Vermont Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning, R-Caledonia blasted the resolution. “I see it as an attack on free speech,” Benning said. “I did not want to give my vote to something that clearly restricts free speech, because I think the First Amendment is one of the most important amendments we have, if not the most important.”
        Wolf PAC, a left-leaning political action committee dedicated to ending the influence of money in politics, says a convention of states is necessary to end “corporate personhood” and “restore true democracy.” The group advocates a 28th Amendment that would undo Citizens United. Other left-wing groups seeking a convention of states include Code Pink, Sierra Club and Progressive Democrats of America.       more   .  .   .

Georgia Is The First State to Pass
A Convention of States resolution
SR 736 passed the House by a vote of 107 to 58.

        The Georgia House of Representatives joined the Georgia Senate today in passing a historic call for a convention of states to Photo of Georgia Statehouse propose amendments to the Constitution to impose fiscal restraint upon Congress, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and establish term limits for federal officials.
        Georgia becomes the first state in the country to pass this historic resolution. The same resolution has been introduced into 13 different state legislatures in 2014 with more to come. COS hopes to gain passage in 34 states in time for a convention to be held in 2016.       more   .  .   .           -3/6-

Sen. Mike Lee Supports
Article V Initiatives
to Amend Constitution
Our greatest strength is in our numbers
and our commitment to take back our government

Photo of Senator Mike Lee     Sen. Lee used to oppose attempts to use Article V Process 2 because he thought the results were too unpredictable. After its publication in August, 2013, Sen. Lee read Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments three times(!), and he has had multiple conversations with Mark Levin.
        Consequently, Sen. Lee now favors using Article V Process 2 initiatives to amend the Constitution. Like Mark Levin, Sen. Lee offered no endorsement or preference for any of the current initiatives. I inferred that, like Levin, Lee's view is "the more, the better."
        Sen. Lee said there is still an element of risk in pursuing Article V Process 2, but things in Washington are now so out of control that the risk of not using Article V Process 2 is much greater.
        Sen. Lee's final three-word summary regarding the pursuit of Article V Process 2 initiatives was: "I support it."       more   .  .   .           2/11

David Barton supports
Convention of States

David Barton photo     Wallbuilders Founder David Barton has authored a letter expressing his support for a Convention of States. Alongside his co-host on Wallbuilders Live Rick Green, Barton says he has spent years researching a Convention of States and is urging Americans to support this legislative effort to limit the scope of the federal government.       more   .  .   .             2/5

Glen Beck Supports Mark Levin
And The Article 5 Process

Glen Beck     Neither Glen Beck nor Mark Levin are known for their subtlety so enthusiasm from Glen Beck is no surprise, but Glen's promise to support the A-5 efforts are 110% because he is a "huge supporter" of the Article V. Beck was a guest on Levin's radio program.
        Hear the audio and read the text of the interview   -  here .

An Easy Choice:
Burger vs. Reagan on Article V
Constitutionalists must choose
between the interpretation of Article V
favored by Warren Burger and that of Ronald Reagan

    Reagan wrote: "We can't depend on Congress to discipline itself . . . we must rely on the states to force Congress to act on our amendment. ... And yet, there are constitutionalists who would rather rely on Chief Justice Warren Burger in opposing Reagan. ... And yet, there are constitutionalists who would rather rely on Chief Justice Warren Burger in opposing Reagan. ... Chief Justice Burger Swearing in Ronald Reagan
        But whenever a constitutionalist quotes Burger favorably about a constitutional issue, that constitutionalist hasn't done his homework. Burger was no friend of the Constitution. He was appointed by Nixon to reverse the Warren Court. He didn't. He preserved and expanded it instead. It is no wonder Burger got the Article V convention process wrong, too. ...
        It is time to support the Compact for a Balanced Budget for the same reasons President Ronald Reagan supported Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman's effort — only the states will originate a powerful balanced budget amendment. Left to its own devices, Congress will never tie its own hands.       more   .  .   .

SCOTUS Reversals By Article 5 Of the 27 amendments, 4 were enacted
to overturn unpopular Supreme Court decisions.

    The people, through their representatives in government, can use Article 5 of the Constitution to overturn the Court's decisions. Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, 4 clearly were enacted to overturn unpopular Supreme Court decisions. The 11th Amendment overturned Chisholm v. Georgia (1793) by guaranteeing the immunity of states from lawsuits by citizens of another state or a foreign country. Supreme Court Bldg. Graphic The 14th Amendment nullified Scott v. Sandford (1857) by guaranteeing the civil rights and citizenship of African Americans. The 16th Amendment overrode Pollock v. Farmers' Loan and Trust Co. (1895) by giving Congress the power to levy an income tax. The 26th Amendment negated Oregon v. Mitchell (1970) by permitting 18-year-olds to vote in state elections. Many other attempts to enact constitutional amendments to override Supreme Court decisions have failed. ...
        Although most bills that have been introduced to overturn Supreme Court decisions have not been passed, the power of Congress to negate certain kinds of Court decisions is an important part of the American constitutional system of separation of powers and checks and balances. ...       more   .  .   .

Article V Process 2 A Virtual Convention of States

    In the event that Big-Government-loving politicians manage to subvert the intent of the Framers by focusing on Article V accidentals, or if fearful reactionaries on the political right manage to paralyze COS and CFA, is there any "Plan B" that might be employed? I argue here that indeed there is, based on the essence, not the accidents, of Article V Process 2.Texas Capitol AustinTo borrow a phrase from Nike Corporation, Plan B is "Just Do It". Connections in the Sky
        Find a first bold state legislature like the one in Texas, Indiana, or South Carolina, and directly ratify an amendment such as the term-limits amendment in Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments. As one state after another follows suit, there may be some changes, but via a virtual convention, distributed across time and space, the legislatures can converge on an amendment that 38 states willingly and explicitly ratify. And when that 38th state ratifies that amendment, it's game over … the Constitution is amended. Period.       more   .  .   .

A Long Respectful Rebuttal of Convention of States Criticisms

    Posted By John DeMayo on Freedom Outposts.
        A valuable debate is waging in America, and here at Freedom Outpost. Should America follow the path of the Convention of States or that of Nullification? The United States Constitution and the American system of governance are at stake. I do not have an axe to grind with my fellow writers who may disagree with my positions. I respect their right to their learned opinions. Yet, I dissent, and I will not be brief. John DeMayo
        I am a Conservative and a strong supporter of the US Constitution. For 100 years, our government (both parties) has trampled uncaringly over this honored document. It has left American citizens of all ideologies worried and the beast comprised of 320 million is now restless. This is a good thing. Moreover, so is healthy and honest debate.       more . . .

More than 100 state legislators discuss the process to push for a Convention of States.

    More than 100 state legislators from 32 states met to begin the groundwork of filing for a Convention of States – an effort that is being pioneered by Rep. Bill Taylor, R-Aiken.
YYY         "Our goal was to begin writing the rules for an Article V Convention of States so there is a legal and restrained process," Taylor said. "It was a good first step. Our founders gave us this Article V option just for a time like this when the federal government is in need of course correction."
        Titled the Mt. Vernon Assembly, the group met in Washington, D.C., to discuss the process.
        Legislators are citing Article V in the Constitution which states that if two-thirds of the states submit an application to Congress, Congress must then call a Convention of States to propose amendments to the Constitution. "It was a serious and deliberative meeting with a sense of urgency," Taylor said. "I was humbled to be part of the historic Mt. Vernon Assembly.       more . . .

Get COS in the News! How to get your letter to the editor published

        Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is a great way to spread the word about the COS Project. These letters are read by hundreds of people, and it doesn't take long to write them up and send them in. If you want to help the COS Project, this is the place to start! Here are a few tips for crafting the perfect letter:       more   .  .   . Free Republic Logo
        A letter to the editor doesn't make news—it comments on news. Try to craft your letter around a recent event or, better yet, a previous article. Skim the newspaper's online archives to see if they've already written on Article V, and try to write your letter as a response to that article. If the newspaper hasn't published a piece on Article V, you can mention the Mt. Vernon Assembly, Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments, or a recent example of abuse by the federal government.
        While the election of conservatives is necessary, it is insufficient. If we are to reclaim our freedoms, we must wrench power from Washington. Re-federalize our consolidated, tyrannical government. The 17th Amendment must go. Article V.       more   .  .   .

A Message to the Delegates at
The Mount Vernon Assembly
Propose Two Amendments

        The meeting in Indianapolis might be one of the most important events of the 21st Century; it can determine our future. The delegates will be working out the rules and procedures of a Convention for Proposing Amendments to our Constitution. Article V Logo
        Only state legislators, the elected officials closest to the people, will participate. The Washington DC establishment will fight vigorously to keep the power they hold by using every judicial and adminitrative tactic imaginable.
        One of the proposals is a balanced budget amendment. This would seem to be the easiest to pass because most Republicans and Democrats realize the consequences of continuing to ‘print money’ in order to spend more than we have. But this amendment would need an ‘escape clause’ in the envent of war or ‘serious emergency’, leaving ‘serious emergency’ open to future interpretation. And, future congresses could always find ways to balance the budget by increasing taxes.
        I am all for a balanced budget amendment, but I would propose another amendment which would also attract bipartisan support ... term limits. Today's legislators who play-the-game with “the establishment” will likely be re-elected and most of them will become millionares within a couple of terms. A ‘term limit amendment’ of 6 years in the House and 12 years in the Senate, would assure an opportunity for new blood with fresh ideas and a commitment to represent their constituents over their self-interests far into the future.
        A big thank you to all the legislators of the Assembly. May God and the encouragement of the American people give you the wisdom and courage to use the Article V provision to carry our country forward. -/-

Sarah Palin on The Convention of States Posts to her Facebook page

        There was good news this week for grassroots patriots working to bring about a Convention of the States for the reasons outlined in Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments” because this is the tool the Constitution gives us to rein in our out-of-control federal government via Photo of Sarah Palin a process to amend the Constitution to include things like a federal balanced budget amendment, etc.
        But in Arizona there is only one man standing in the way. Even though the Arizona House overwhelmingly passed the measure, there is one lone Republican state senator named Andy Biggs who is blocking the vote. Mr. Biggs is the Arizona State Senate President, and he has used his power to block the bill from coming to a vote. Unless he budges, the session will run out, and the bill will actually die this year after thousands of hours of grassroots work and effort. Make no mistake, if that happens, these grassroots patriots will start over again next year and will continue as long as it takes.     more ...           -5/9/-

Indiana to host planning for state-led
revisions to U.S. Constitution
Legislative leaders have been asked to send delegates.

        They will gather in Indianapolis for a second discussion on the state-led process for crafting amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and to begin shaping the rules and procedures a Convention of the States that would follow. Indiana graphic
        Senate President David Long, R-Fort Wayne, is among the organizers of the June 12-13 meeting of The Mount Vernon Assembly that will convene in the Indiana Statehouse.
        He said delegates won't be proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution this time. Instead, the goal is "to put a structure and a foundation in place for a Convention of the States, so that we can have consensus on how this thing is going to be run."
        "That way, we can go into it with confidence that it will be run properly, it will remain in control of the states and it will not be a runaway convention,"     read more ...           -5/6-


        The Convention of States (COS) movement inspired by Mark Levin calling for: "... amendments to the U.S. Constitution that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit terms of office for U.S. officials and for members of congress." is not the only COS movement out there. The Liberty Amendments Book
        There are several different COS movements calling for a Balanced Budget and others, including some calling for fiscal restraints and defining marriage. There are some 'liberal friendly' COS applications to Congress including one for same sex marriage and another to reverse the Supreme Court ruling which removed limitations on corporation and unions' contributions to political campaigns.
        Each of these movements will bring awareness of the possibilities offered by the the COS option of Article V. The first challenge is to get support for the procedure then we can focus on using it for the right purposes.     more ...

The Michigan Vote Will Not
Result In a Convention of States
The Opposition To a COS Is Strong
and the Argument For a Convention is Weak.
        The Convention of States (COS) referred to here is not the one recently spurred by Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments, it refers to a single item COS for a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) which began in the 1980s.
        Article 5 News logo In March 2014 Michigan was the 34th state to call for a COS for a BBA, but 12 of the states that called for the COS have since rescinded their call.
        Some people question whether states can rescind their call, but considering the strong opposition by so many in Congress to a BBA I am sure Congress will allow the states to rescind their calls. If this is correct, Michigan is the 22nd state with an active call for a COS for a BBA.     source ...

Coburn to Focus Retirement Efforts
on Article V Convention
“I am convinced that I can best serve my children and grandchildren by shifting my focus elsewhere.”         Last month, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) announced that he will retire at the end of 2014, cutting short his second Senate term by two years. His decision was in part the result of his health struggles related the recent recurrence of prostate cancer.
        But Sen. Coburn also cited the dysfunction in Washington D.C., and particularly in the U.S. Senate, in stating: "As a citizen, I am now convinced that I can Photo of Tom Coburn best serve my own children and grandchildren by shifting my focus elsewhere."
        "It's time for me to go do something else," Coburn said. "I know me. I've made lots of shifts in my life, and I know when it's time. My faith comes into that. I pay a lot of attention to what I think I'm supposed to be doing.' ...
        He is going to lend his support to a growing effort in state legislatures across the country to call a convention to amend the Constitution with the aim of limiting the size and reach of the federal government.
        "I'm going to be involved with the Convention of States. I'm going to try to motivate so that that happens. I think that's the only answer," Coburn said. "I'm just going to go around and talk about why it's needed, and try to convince state legislatures to do it."       more   .  .   .           2/11

Rand Paul Calls for
an Article V Convention
Congress Is Not Doing Their Job

Rand Paul returns to Kentucky in order to encourage the Kentucky legislature to use the Article V Convention to ratify a Balanced Budget Amendment. In this video clip, he first answers a question about a Balanced Budget Amendment and second, he quashes the conspiracy theory notion of a 'Run-Away' Photo of Rand Paul convention by confirming 10th Amendment right of the State legislatures to limit the scope of the Article V Convention to one topic and their right to select delegates, control them and withdraw them if they attempt to discuss unauthorized amendments.       more   .  .   .           2/11

Sean Hannity interviews Rand Paul         Rand Paul has more to say about the Convention of States - sometimes mistakenly called a Constitutional Convention - in the interview on Sean Hannity's TV Show. Senator Paul is a big supporter of Mark Levin's "Liberty Amendments".       see the video     .   .           2/11

Hey nullifiers. Listen up!
Two sides of the same Pro-CHIPS coin
Nullification and an Article V convention
are NOT opposing views.

    Hey nullifiers. Listen up. A Convention of States is NOT your enemy. Hey COS supporters. Get this: those that support nullification are on your side, to a significant degree.
        Nullification and an Article V convention are NOT opposing views. They are, in fact, two sides of the same coin: a movement to restore our Constitutional Republic. There is no reason to trip over each other in an effort to prove the superiority of our position. Let us unite on the principles we hold in common. ... Flag  graphic
        We The People must understand that those that we send to our State Capitol or Washington, D.C. are weak compared to the structures of power they are thrown in against. Without substantive support, these mere mortals break and become part of the problem, or they fight against the system and soon find themselves ground beneath it. ...
        Do I favor nullification? Absolutely! Do I wish to see a line drawn in the sand? Without a doubt. However, to put Leviathan back in his cage, those we send into battle need to be armed with more than political sticks and stones.
        Fortunately, our Founding Fathers were prescient enough to provide us with a means of filling our quiver. That means is Article V and an amending Convention of States.       more   .  .   .

"The only way to fix Washington
is to have a Convention of the States
and limit their power"

    It turns out that Senator Tom Coburn is a big supporter of Mark Levin's new book The Liberty Amendments. Tom Coburn photoWhen asked about this new 1000 plus page spending bill and the fact that the Senate will vote on it before anyone gets a chance to read it, Sen. Tom Coburn told Mark Levin that you can't prevent this stuff from happening because all we have is a bunch of career politicians who only care about getting reelected. He says the only way to fix Washington is for the states to convene a Convention of the States and limit their power, something he definitely supports.       Listen to the interview here   .  .   .

Article V Conventions or Nullification ? An ADULT Conversation

    Article V Conventions and Nullification are NOT mutually exclusive, nor is one the magic pill for all our federal problems. Each is a legitimate Constitutional solution, but each has a different aim and application. Each plan has its inherent problems and there are legitimate concerns that should be considered and dangers guarded against. They can be used together in the defense of Liberty as long as we understand each in its own context and consider the pitfalls involved. bw photo of Kris Anne Hall
       It must be noted that we are having this discussion because of the very fact that we have stepped so far out of the Constitutional boundaries given to this government that we are operating practically in a post-Constitutional America. At this point, it is unlikely that any solution will be perfect or without peril. ...
        We will not succeed if we are so caught up in our own causes that we have to defeat everyone else's. That is egocentric and immature. Truth be told, we will not succeed without all the efforts of all the people working together in the defense of Liberty. We need nullification daily to maintain the Republic, yet if we continue to allow the foundation to erode, we may indeed need a convention to right the ship.
        So let’s approach the defense of Liberty like grown-ups. Let’s work together instead of trying to punch each other in the eye to elevate ourselves.
        I have confidence that when all is said and done, our future will look back and say, "Coming up with a new and better form of government was nearly impossible. The original Constitution itself was not the problem; it was the ignorance of the people that lived under it." ...       source   .  .   .

Article V Opponents
Deny Liberty To Posterity
Article V opponents are wrong, and proponents of Republicanism and Federalism should quit placating the utter falsity of their logic and claims.

    A recent federal court (ruling that the National Security Agency's gathering private information without judicial warrant is unconstitutional) shows why Article V opponents to limit or redefine federal power are wrong and are more concerned about agenda than evidence  .  .   . Liberty Defense League Logo
        Article V opponents recite the usual reason for why amending the Constitution should be opposed. They say, "we should not amend the Constitution because they don't follow the Constitution now!" This rationale mistakes many principles of politics and law, but focusing on only on it completely disregards what this federal court ruling (one of many similar rulings) shows: amendments do work and are the only way to limit the federal government's powers under Articles I, II, and III.       more   .  .   .

Phyllis Schlafly Stands
Firmly Against the People
Phyllis Schlafly has taken a terribly wrong turn.

YYY     Throughout her career she has accomplished so much good. But today, she stands firmly on the side of a huge, unfettered, unconstitutional federal leviathan, along with the icon of the pro-abortion movement, the late Chief Justice Warren Burger.
        It makes sense that someone like Burger, who gave us Roe v. Wade, might oppose efforts to restrain a corrupt federal government. However, Schlafly's opposition is a baffling deviation from her lifetime of activism. Based on a single letter from this activist justice, Phyllis Schlafly stands against the American people and their right and obligation to act to restrain the federal government through an Article V amending convention.         read the full American Spectator article   .  .   .

      click here to see Phyllis Schlafly's complete comments   .  .   .

How Article 5 Came to Be Journal of the Federal Convention

* Mr. Randolph & Geo. Mason wanted States to be able to make amendments without the assent of Congress (May 29, June 11) and in a manner which did not depend on Congress (Sep. 15, 1787).
* Several questioned the propriety of making Congress' assent to amendments unnecessary (June 11, 1787).
* Gov. Morris, Hamilton & Madison thought Congress ought to be able to propose amendments (Aug 30, Sep. 10, 1787).
* Some delegates spoke of a "convention" in connection with amendments: With Congress calling the convention (Aug. 6); whenever Congress pleased (Aug. 30, 1787).
* Mr. Gerry worried about States obtaining a convention and binding the Union to innovations which subverted State Constitutions (Sep. 10, 1787).
* Mr. Hamilton thought Congress should have power to call a convention to propose amendments to correct defects which would probably appear in the Constitution (Sep. 10, 1787).
* Mr. Madison remarked on the vagueness of the terms, "call a Convention for the purpose": "How was a Convention to be formed? – by what rule decide? – what the force of its acts?" (Sep. 10); and "difficulties might arise as to the form, the quorum, &c., which in constitutional regulations ought to be as much as possible avoided" (Sep. 15, 1787).       more . . . .

“Nullification” Works
OJ Simpson Was Found Not Guilty
Why an Article 5 Convention of States
Is a Better Idea Than Nullification

            OJ may have been acquitted because the jurors believed there was not enough evidence to convict him, or maybe because they were righting previous wrongs, personal prejudice or rejection of the police method of investigation. If they believed he was guilty but voted otherwise, for whatever reason, it was jury ‘Nullification’.
            Some who are opposed to the Article 5 movement believe Nullification is the better way to fix overreaches of the federal government. They believe that if a state declares a federal law as unconstitutional the state can declare that law null and void within the state borders. It’s an old idea first proposed in detail by John Calhoun when he was vice-president under John Quincy Adams. There was even a Nullification Party . . . click here to read the rest of the commentary

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